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The Importance of During Production Inspections: Ensuring Quality at Every Step

By: QIMA Nov 14, 2023

During production (DUPRO) inspections play a pivotal role in the manufacturing process, ensuring that products meet the desired specifications before they reach the market. This inspection occurs when 20-80% of your production is completed, providing an opportunity to detect and rectify any issues. In this article, we will delve into the significance of DUPRO inspections and their implementation process.

What Is a During Production Check?

A during production inspection, also known as a DUPRO check or inspection, is a crucial quality control step that takes place during the mid-stages of production when 20-80% of the products have been manufactured and packed for shipping. This inspection assesses whether the factory has adhered to your original specifications and ensures that the production remains on track and on schedule.

Why Are During Production Inspections So Important?

DUPRO inspections are indispensable for several reasons:

Identifying Issues Early: During Production Checks (DUPRO) are strategically conducted at the mid-stages of production to proactively detect and address potential quality issues. By intervening early in the process, businesses can mitigate the risk of costly mistakes that could arise if problems are left unchecked until the completion of the entire production run.

Ensuring Adherence to Specifications: DUPRO inspections play a vital role in ensuring that the factory strictly adheres to the provided product specifications. These inspections verify that the manufacturing process aligns with the established guidelines, ensuring that the final products meet the necessary safety and quality standards.

Time and Cost Efficiency: One of the key benefits of DUPRO inspections lies in their contribution to time and cost efficiency in the production process. By detecting and addressing quality issues at a relatively early stage, businesses can establish effective workarounds to rectify any defective products promptly. This proactive approach prevents these issues from escalating and causing further delays in the production timeline. Not only does this save valuable time, but it also reduces the need for expensive corrections and potential rework that might arise if problems were left unaddressed until later stages. As a result, businesses can optimize their production process, minimize production-related costs, and ensure that products are delivered to the market on schedule.

Continuous Improvement: DUPRO inspections not only focus on immediate issue detection and resolution but also contribute to continuous improvement in the manufacturing process. When inspectors identify any issues or inefficiencies during the inspection, manufacturers can take the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and enhancements to their production methods. This iterative approach to improvement ensures that the same problems are not repeated in future production runs.

How Is a During Production Inspection Conducted?

In a DUPRO inspection, certified inspectors are deployed to the factory floor during the specified production phase to conduct various checks, ensuring the products' quality and compliance with standards.

QIMA, a leading quality control service provider, conducts DUPRO inspections through a meticulous and standardized process.

What Inspectors Look For

In a DUPRO inspection, inspectors randomly select product samples from completed batches of production. The checks carried out are tailored to match client requirements and the specific product being manufactured. You may choose to use “off-the-shelf” inspection checklists, or you can create your own checklist to ensure all your unique specifications are met.

The typical DUPRO inspection includes the following key checks:

Production Organization and Status: This check assesses the production progress, including quantities of semi-finished, finished, and packed products, estimated production capacity, and predicted order completion date.

Product Specifications: Inspectors verify various product details, such as quantities, colors, style, construction, artwork, labels, and dimensions against the provided samples and specifications.

Packing and Packaging: DUPRO inspections examine unit packing, inner packing, outer packing, export carton dimensions, weights, and shipping marks on cartons to ensure compliance with your specifications.

Product-Specific Checks: Inspectors perform additional checks and tests specific to the product category to verify quality and workmanship.

What Other Inspections Are Available?

Apart from DUPRO inspections, QIMA offers a comprehensive range of inspections to meet diverse quality control needs. Other types of inspections are essential to ensure comprehensive quality control and address specific aspects of the production process. While DUPRO checks focus on early-stage quality assurance, inspections throughout the full production process help to ensure quality and compliance at other stages.

QIMA and Your Next DUPRO Inspection

During production inspections are a vital aspect of the production process, ensuring that products meet all required standards before they reach your destination market. QIMA's DUPRO inspections, along with a wide range of other inspections, assure businesses of top-notch quality control and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to the production of superior products that meet regulatory compliance and customer expectations.

QIMA takes pride in providing independent and reliable quality control services that protect businesses' interests. Our team of highly trained and experienced inspectors are experts in various product categories and can be on-site within 48 hours of booking. The comprehensive inspection reports are delivered on the same day as the inspection and can be accessed through an intelligent online platform.

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